Our Story

Holland’s Produce, Inc. has been in business for nearly 60 years in the City of Suffolk. Our parents started the business in the early sixties, growing their own produce and selling it in the Old City Market downtown. Our mother, Emily Holland, was one of the first ladies in the area to leave her traditional housekeeping duties and work alongside our father in the store every day, eventually taking over full responsibility for the business.

As the downtown area and demand for our classic country fare has continued to grow, we have added other specialty products that are now signature items for us. Though we do not grow our own produce any longer, we use the freshest ingredients to prepare some of the best classic country cuisine in the area. Our country hams, cooked on site in our ham room, have a huge following in southeastern Virginia. Homemade chicken salad, collard greens, potato salad, hamburger steak, deviled eggs and many other favorites are still made by our very own Mary Lou who has worked with us since the beginning!!  She is still on-site overseeing the recipes that have kept us head and shoulders above the competition for nearly half a century.

Holland’s Produce today is very different from the produce stand our parents started so many years ago. Our services now include in-store dining, off premise full-scale catering, and a long list of classic country to-go items prepared fresh from scratch every day. Though times have changed, we still pride ourselves on having the most dedicated and wonderful customers and staff any business could hope for.

We look forward to serving you and your families for many years to come!

Jeanette Holland
Holland Country Gourmet

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